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Lutronic Launches Color-coded M12 Panel Mount Connectors

Schalksmühle, 06-23-2021. Panel mount connectors with threaded joint in 7/8″, M8 and M12 formats are part of the core business of the business unit Connectivity of Lutronic, based in Schalksmühle in the Sauerland region of Germany, just like the broadly positioned “Quicklock” series of connectors with quick acting lock system, which have positioned themselves brilliantly in the market.

The wide product range is now rounded off by new, colored male and female M12 connectors. The panel mount connectors made of PA plastic are available in black, white, blue, green, yellow and red. With their bold colors, the A-coded male and female connectors, which have IP67 protection and are intended for front mounting in housings, open up new design options for device manufacturers. For the user, they clearly contribute to easy orientation and thus to mismating during assembly. Malke and female connectors in black are also available for rear panel mounting. As a special feature, all M12 panel mount connectors are pre-assembled with 500 mm stranded wires. In addition, further variants can be realized on request.
For the temperature range of -25 °C/+80 °C, these types are available with 4, 5, 8 and 12 poles with dependent rated currents of 1.5 A (12-pole) to 4 A (4-pole) and rated voltages of 30 V (12-pole) to 250 V (4-pole).

With these new component types, Lutronic is responding to the demand for panel mount connectors from measurement technology, but also from equipment and mechanical engineering, where dust and water tightness to IP67 and higher demands against mismating are required in the application.

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