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LUTRONIC, founded internationally in 2016, specializes in actuator/sensor cabling solutions for automation.

The company operates in conjunction with the specific expertise of the Lumberg Group, which established M12 circular connectors as the global standard at the beginning of the 1980s. On this basis, Lutronic, as a sister company of the LUMBERG Group, manufactures and sells high-quality M8 and M12 circular connectors for signal, data and power applications – also for customer-specific applications.

The roots of Lutronic, its management and employees lie in decades of knowledge and experience of the circular connector market in automation.

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Meike Schmidt · Alexander Gotta · Andreas Reschke


Lutronic’s mission is to provide innovative manufacturing solutions to our customers. Our commitment to quality, reliability and service ensures our position as a solution provider for customized OEM manufacturing and design.


Lutronic is a leading manufacturer of cable and interconnect solutions, offering both customized and standardized products and developments. Our goal is to maintain long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to provide quality products to our business partners.