Inline Test Systems

Measuring, checking, detecting and in doing so programming, illuminating, adjusting, evaluating and filing: Our integrated metrology and camera technology uncovers fault features and increases the quality of your product.

Camera Systems

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems

Surface Inspection

Attributive controlling of surface conditions, colors, shape of solder joints etc.

Presence Tests

Attributive controlling of the presence of components

Measuring of Dimensions

Metrological capturing of dimensions, positions etc.


Control Systems for Electrical and Mechanical Properties

Continuity Tests

Controlling electric continuity

Resistance Measurement

Measuring electric resistance

High-voltage Tests

Detecting insulation failures by means of high-voltage

Presence Tests

Controlling of the presence of components by means of test pins

Crimp Force Tests

Measuring the applied forces in crimp processes to ensure safe function

Impermeability Tests

Measuring pressure loss to control proper sealing