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100 Percent Quality Assurance: Lutronic Offers High-performance Measuring Cells

Schalksmühle, 29.02.2024. Since its foundation in 2016, Lutronic has been a sister company of the Lumberg Group, which has 1,250 employees worldwide. Lutronic positions itself as a specialist in connectivity and special machine construction for individual process requirements in automation.

It was only in 2018 that Lutronic diversified into the mechanical engineering sector, which is also aimed at the automation industry: Developed and manufactured in the Lumberg Group’s mechanical engineering division, Lutronic takes over the exclusive marketing of this expertise from what are now around 200 specialists. Like a manufactory, the focus is primarily on customer-specific process solutions.

One highlight can be found in the product area of inline inspection systems: Measuring cells with inline profile projectors, the supreme discipline among optical inspection systems. The mechanical engineering design is used for 100% quality assurance during series production through linear, in-line measurements. The Lutronic measuring cell relies on high-quality optical measurement technology from the Japanese manufacturer Keyence. The measuring cells, which are specially designed for the customer’s processes, can measure more than 2,000 parts per minute per track or, in other words, 17 meters of strip length per minute – the cell measures eleven different characteristics. The non-contact measuring system for the production line is suitable for measuring distance, thickness, diameter, positions, roundness, profile, vibration, etc., for example. The number of cameras can be freely defined in the Lutronic measuring cell with extremely intuitive operation, as can the customer-specific measuring tasks.


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