Our factory

Our manufacturing plant was established in 1994, joined the Lutronic Group on January 1, 2021 and operates as Lutronic TCA Electronics Dongguan Co, Ltd. Our plant produces our connectors and junction boxes while providing standardized and customized cable and interconnect solutions and development services.

The unique blend of Chinese and Western know-how, low production costs, quality control and monitoring gives our customers a competitive advantage by manufacturing in our plant in China.

Our approximately 300 employees are the most important asset and capital of our plant. Our employees come from many different nations. This multicultural philosophy gives us strength and the ability to serve an international clientele in China and around the world.



Our capabilities

As a manufacturer of connectors and customized electromechanical components as well as a cable and wire harness assembler, the plant combines the skills and capabilities of semi- and fully automated production with the strengths of manual processes in China for the benefit of international customers.


Research and development

State-of-the-art 2D/3D design software

Local sourcing

Comprehensive know-how in the sourcing of raw materials and components on the huge Chinese and international market


Toolmaking for tool design and maintenance
Production of application molds
Horizontal and vertical injection molding
Manual and semi-automatic assembly processes

Manufacturing processes

Wire processing such as cutting, stripping
Contact processing such as crimping, IDT, soldering
Supporting processes such as manual and automatic potting, gluing, overmolding

Value Added Services

Infrared sensor assemblies
LED and LCD assemblies
M8 and M12 cable assembly
Molded plastic parts, injection molding tools and design
PCB assemblies
Thermal sensors and switches
Audio and RF cables
Computer and network cables
Sensor cables for doors and gates
Electronic cable harnesses
Power cables
Medical cables