Our Product Philosophy

LUTRONIC: Product Philosophy Mechanical Engineering

Since its foundation in 2016, Lutronic has been a sister company to the globally-operating Lumberg Group with its 1,250 employees. Lutronic has positioned itself as a specialist in connectivity and special-purpose mechanical engineering according to your process requirements in automation.

In addition to its positioning as a specialist in connectivity, Lutronic has taken an even deeper step into the automation industry with its second business unit, mechanical engineering: Lutronic has integrated special-purpose mechanical engineering into its sales program according to your process requirements in automation.

Developed and manufactured by Lumberg Group´s mechanical engineering in the Cloppenburg factory (Lower Saxony), Lutronic handles the exclusive sales of this compressed know-how from 175 specialists, which until recently has been dedicated exclusively to Lumberg’s own volume production of connectors and mechatronic components. The experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, software programming and inline test systems create sophisticated solutions for your fully automatic assembly technology or even complete production lines.

Lutronic is broadly positioned in the field of individualized feeding systems: From spiral and linear vibratory feeders to drum and centrifugal feeders, bulk hopper conveyors as well as reels with a focus on precision and high-speed and, of course, the associated conveyor belts for the transport routes. A highlight of the spiral vibratory feeders, for example, is the knowledge of how to cut the webs in the plastic hopper in order to achieve optimum performance.

Assembly units, inline test systems and packaging systems are also individually designed on the basis of selected and self-manufactured components to meet your production requirements. Of course, we also develop processes together with you on the basis of over 86 years of high competence in machine and plant engineering – Lutronic is your partner right up to mass production at the highest cycle rates.

Our Know-how Adds to Your Know-how

Lutronic’s international team helps to plan the feeding modules that your core production requires. We develop, manufacture and optimize your individual feeding processes and on request, do even more. Our technicians naturally also handle commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance, service packages and documentation – anywhere around the world.

Factors like quality, costs, output and machine availability take center stage for us, especially when it comes to filigree components at the promised speed. The many diverse systems that Lumberg designs, builds and operates itself attest to its in-depth knowledge of mechanics and automation.

The Lutronic Transparency Promise

Here at Lutronic, we focus on the components you want to produce. To build the right facility for your production optimum we therefore select tried and tested parts from renowned manufacturers only. We combine metals, plastic materials, controls, power units, cameras, sensors and more from selected manufacturers and economically combine them with the component range that we produce in our own mechanical parts production so that you can count on getting optimum value for your money. With our knowledge and decades of experience you get an asset on top.

All components used are itemized in detail in our documentation. If a system needs servicing, all it takes is your project number for us to produce, for example, wear parts at short notice at our CNC center, update software or determine which additional attributive inline inspection process can be integrated. All our installed parts carry an internal component number which allows our global support team to identify every single item.

At your request, system acceptance can be performed here with us or directly at your location. Either way, you will be given a full 2D or 3D data package which includes the CE acceptance certificate and safety calculation.

Before Your Product Stands Your Project

Production and assembly are highly complex transformation processes. It’s good if you have someone at your side who not only control your processes as a consultant, but even from his own production. Who understands your requirements for project planning and process analysis, who can evaluate drive and control technologies, test systems, sensors, fieldbus and Ethernet systems or PLC programming for automation – and who can also build and program this. This includes fault analysis and remote maintenance over the lifetime of your system.