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Lutronic: Product Range Offensive for M8 and M12 Cordsets

Schalksmühle, 06.03.2024. In the field of connectivity, Lutronic specializes in actuator/sensor cabling solutions with M8 and M12 connectors for automation. In addition to the classic field of field-attachable connectors and panel mount connectors – which also includes circular power connectors with Quicklock locking – Lutronic offers a large selection of cordsets. Here, Lutronic is once again significantly expanding its product range.

In the M8 series, the offensive goes in two directions. On the one hand, there are now pole extensions. While 3-pole and 4-pole variants were previously available, 6-pole and 8-pole types are now also available. On the other hand, cable extensions have been added. Connected with PUR spiral cables, both straight and angled A-coded connectors lead to a socket.

The M12 series is also going on the offensive in two directions. New types with shielding are now available here – either in straight or angled versions. The shielding is routed via the knurled nut, the shielded cables can be selected in PUR and PVC. These variants are identified by the reference S9 in the article number.

The reference L in the article number indicates the new L-coded variants. The overmolded straight M12 power connector and the corresponding power socket come with a power cable with an open end – or connected via a suitable power cable in PUR.

New L-coded connectors and sockets can also be found in the field of M12 panel mount connectors for front side mounting.

Lutronic is also rounding off its profile in the field of passive distribution boxes. Y-distributors with two M8 sockets and Y-distributors with two M12 sockets as well as with M12 plug and socket have been added with a central M12 connection and in IP 67.


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