Assembly Systems

Whether semi or fully automated, cam-controlled, pneumatic or electric: Our assembly technologies take into account every degree of automation and every drive concept.

Assembly Technologies

Basic Assembly Processes


Inserting feeded components into sub-assemblies


Placing feeded components into sub-assemblies or onto carriers


Combining components by means of screws, with controlled torque

Forming Technologies

Shaping and Reshaping Processes

Punching and Bending

Finalizing and singularizing of pre-punched metal components


Building metal-plastic hybrid modules such as overmolded leadframes


Potting components to protect from moisture or mechanical stress such as shock or vibration


Applying glues or pasts such as heat-transfer pasts

Solder and Welding Technologies

Combining Processes by Means of Soldering and Welding

Iron Soldering

Fully automatic selective soldering of components

Induction Brazing

Fully automatic induction brazing of components

Reflow Soldering

Fully automatic reflow soldering of components

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Resistance Welding

Fully automatic resistance welding of components

Laser Welding

Fully automatic laser welding of components

Cable-related Technologies

Wire Harnessing Processes

Handling and Treating Cables

Cutting, trimming and stripping of cables

IDT Terminating

Assembling cables with connectors by means of insulation displacement technology (IDT)


Applying crimp contacts to cables

Finishing Treatments

Additional Manufacturing Processes


Cleaning and activating surfaces


Applying bar codes, matrix codes, text or graphics by means of lasers