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Lutronic Launches Color-coded M12 Panel Mount Connectors

Schalksmühle, 06-23-2021. Panel mount connectors with threaded joint in 7/8″, M8 and M12 formats are part of the core business of the ...

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Lutronic Takes Over Connector Manufacturer in China

Lumberg sister company buys long-term production partner in Dongguan

Schalksmühle, 15.02.2021. Lutronic, founded internationally in 2016, specializes in connectivity solutions for industrial automation. The portfolio ...

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Peak Power in IP67: Circular Connector for Up To 50 Amps

All-new Product Group

Schalksmühle, 10.02.2021. Lutronic is currently starting up an all-new material group – Series 02 – for its high-performance IP67 circular ...

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New Field Attachable M12 Connector

Schalksmühle, 15.11.2019. Since its foundation in 2016, Lutronic has been a sister company of the Lumberg Group, which operates worldwide with ...

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Lutronic: The Lumberg Sister Expands the Feeding Systems Business Unit with a High-Performance Drum Feeder

Schalksmühle, 08.08.2019. Lutronic, set up for international operations in 2016, is specialized in feeding systems for machinery and equipment. ...

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Lutronic: Lumberg Sister Enters Mechanical Engineering Market with Feeding Technology

Schalksmühle, September 24, 2018. Lutronic, incorporated as recently as 2016 to cater to international operations, is specialized in M8 and ...